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2020 Manhood 101

Mentoring Sessions 

Saturday November 7, 2020

The Manhood 101 Mentoring Sessions Conference is an annual event, presented by Hope For A Better Tomorrow, in partnership with several community partners. This 1 day conference, the largest of its kind, is designed to introduce young men to outstanding male role models. These role models reflect the cultural backgrounds and experiences of black boys growing up in Chicago. The young men participating, ages 8-18, acquire new skills or information that relate to college and career readiness, in addition to various life skills that will help prepare them for success in life.


This year, with an overarching theme of "Be Well", this exciting and engaging conference is meant to provide a checkup for our Black boys' wellness.




Final 2020 Manhood 101 flyer.jpg

The 2020 Manhood 101

Mentoring Sessions Conference will be offered completely online.




Mentor and volunteer participation is critical to the success of the work that we do. We invite adult black men to identify where their skills or talents may lend themselves to support young men.


Volunteers, of any gender, are also invited to leverage their skills and talent to help maximize the functionality of the conference for participants.  

Registration and all activities associated with the Manhood 101 Mentoring Sessions Conference is free for young men seeking to participate. However, registration is needed prior to participation. 


Corporate Sponsors power this important work. If our efforts are aligned with your philanthropic goals, your programmatic purpose, or your personal interest, we invite you to join in this effort as a Corporate Sponsor. 


As a Community Partner, you take advantage of this free opportunity to harvest the brilliance, curiosity, and energy of your young men. You also leverage nonprofit and community resources to meet growing and diverse needs in ways that your organization may not have the bandwidth to support. Your partnership in this conference also signals to others that you value topics of self-efficacy, culturally responsive teaching, and identity development.

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