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Hope believes that all human beings share mutual concerns and ambitions. We are confident that we can live in a world free of hate; a world that is supportive of the dignity of each person. Furthermore, we affirm everyone’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.



Hope for a Better Tomorrow is committed to facilitating and supporting programs and activities that inspire hope and leverages the marginalized citizen's ability to achieve and succeed in society. We intend to change the world by promoting a climate and culture that's positive and supportive of the dignity of all people


Organization Overview:

Hope for a Better Tomorrow (H4BT) is a non-profit organization working to eliminate poverty, reduce violence, diminish illiteracy, and challenge social inequalities. We believe that everyone can contribute to making our world a better place. Contact us for your opportunity to volunteer and make a difference in someone’s life.


Additionally, although H4BT does not support any particular political party or candidate, we also consider and discuss legislative issues relative to our four programmatic focal areas.


1) Eliminate Poverty. We hope to achieve measurable progress in changing the lives of those who live beneath the poverty line by supporting local, national, and international initiatives aimed at reducing the amount of people living in poverty. We will also enact programs and events that seek to support those in a quest to change their socioeconomic standing.


2) Reduce Violence. We do so by organizing mentoring programs, promoting role models, and providing positive outlets for youth to engage in to stimulate their minds, occupy their time, and develop their leadership abilities.


3) Diminish Illiteracy. Studies show that many children, teens, and even adults have a hard time or are unable to read and/or articulate information. It is our hope that we may be able to organize oracle contest, debates, and other initiatives that support one's ability to become more literate and able to properly communicate in a diverse global context.


4) Challenge Social Inequalities. Our efforts in this area are focused on identifying social inequalities that exist and working with relevant parties to bring about social change.


Go Do Good

In line with the mission of Hope For A better Tomorrow, Go Do Good is a program that encourages philanthropy, civic engagement, acts of kindness, advocacy, and volunteerism. Committed to the concept that we must be the change the that we want to see, we focus on rallying all wiling parties around social issues in an effort to build stronger, more productive communities.


Signature Events

  • Back to school, school supply drive

  • Caroling at nursing homes on Christmas Eve

  • Feeding the homeless and our U.S. Solders on Thanksgiving

  • The Bare Necessities Campaign

The African American Male Initiative

In an effort to foster a productive African American Male identity, Hope For A Better Tomorrow's African American Initiative provides training, promotes college and career exploration, encourages healthy lifestyles and advocates for the constructive development of men and boys, especially African American men and boys.


Signature Events

  • Manhood 101

  • Career day at a local high schools

  • Etiquette training

  • Health fair




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